Tecnifibre T-Flash 300

Tecnifibre T-Flash 300

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The “Flash is Back” as Tecnifibre launches a completely new version of the powerful racquet perfect for intermediate and advanced players. The new T-Flash CES strikes a perfect balance between power, maneuverability and stability with the introduction of the CES Section beam - an XL cross section with a cubic angular shape. The result is an extremely powerful racquet that doesn’t sacrifice stability and control. Feel is greatly enhanced through the proprietary HD Fuse Grip, which features a silicone sock inserted around the interior of the handle. The T-Flash CES is also a very forgiving racquet, due to its new Progressive String Pattern technology. The intervals between strings are variable - narrower at the center for a large sweet spot and wider at the extremities for tolerance on off-center hits. The T-Flash 300 CES is a lightweight, 11.1 ounce, 100 square-inch headsize frame that features a 16X19 string pattern for the ultimate in power and forgiveness. The Flash series now features the cosmetic collaboration between Tecnifibre and Lacoste and includes the new technical and premium brand identity. If you like to hit big but don’t want to sacrifice control, the T-Flash CES line is for you.

Tennis String Upgrade

We offer a personalised and professional restringing service. You have the choice to receive your racket with factory strings or unstrung (please check the full product description to confirm if it is factory strung or unstrung). Alternatively we can string up a new frame to your specification by our in store professional technicians. You can select from a full range of strings and tension, when adding this product to your cart. If you opt for our restringing service we will always call you (generally the same day) to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best set up for your game. When choosing this service please allow 2-3 extra days before receiving your order.


This racket is sold with factory strings. To maximise performance we recommend upgrading the strings with our professional in-house restringing service.