Tecnifibre T-Flash 270

Tecnifibre T-Flash 270

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Tecnifibre raises the bar by creating a crisp and powerful spin-friendly racquet line; the new and improved Tecnifibre T-Flash Tennis Racket family. The perfect weapon for a player that has a more aggressive tennis game in today's modern style of play. Like its predecessor, the T-Flash has a Convex Throat Bridge made to give extra comfort and power when playing. In this new updated version, Tecnifibre adds a thicker and more angular CES Section beam along with a higher swing weight to help produce a more powerful and effortless shot. Another addition to the T-Flash is Tecnifibre's Progressive String Pattern which features tighter spacing in the centre mains for control, a and wider spacing toward the periphery for less shock on any shots that may be off the sweet spot. To further enhance comfort, Tecnifibre decided to also add HD fuse Grip. This places silicone around the handle to help limit how much shock is felt to give you a cleaner feel at impact. With all this cutting edge Technology the T-Flash offers greater stability against pace players along with more power that should help put away finishing points with more ease. 

Tennis String Upgrade

We offer a personalised and professional restringing service. You have the choice to receive your racket with factory strings or unstrung (please check the full product description to confirm if it is factory strung or unstrung). Alternatively we can string up a new frame to your specification by our in store professional technicians. You can select from a full range of strings and tension, when adding this product to your cart. If you opt for our restringing service we will always call you (generally the same day) to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best set up for your game. When choosing this service please allow 2-3 extra days before receiving your order.


This racket is sold with factory strings. To maximise performance we recommend upgrading the strings with our professional in-house restringing service.