Tecnifibre X-One - 3 Ball Tube
Tecnifibre X-One - 3 Ball Tube

Tecnifibre X-One - 3 Ball Tube

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The best quality for high competition use. An excellent ball which is fast, durable and for high level players. Used in ATP tournaments. Produced to the highest standard at the Bridgestone/Tecnifibre Factory, with every ball hand finished for unsurpassable quality.

X-One and Club balls now feature the new revolutionary XD-Core technology! Longer durability, same playability!
A new reinforced core developed using TecniLab dramatically increases the longevity of the ball, keeping that new ball playability, without effecting the original characteristics of the ball.
With every shot the ball deforms and loses some of its energy reducing its speed and bounce. Topspin becomes less effective, it’s harder to keep your opponent deep in the court, and you can’t hit those winners that you could before!
Thanks to XD-Core you can play in the 3rd set like you did in the 1st set. Both the ball with and without XD-Core technology have the same trajectory and bounce length/height on the first shot. After 600 shots the XD-Core ball will only lose 4cm of its bounce length. Whereas the standard ball will lose a whopping 32cm!
The XD-Core really does mean it’s “new balls” every point!