Badminton Buying Guide


Some of the points to consider when choosing the right badminton racket:

Shape – classic vs isometric

The classic oval shaped badminton rackets have a smaller, more concentrated sweet spot. Alternatively the isometric headed rackets have a more ‘squared off’ top half and resultantly a larger sweet spot. The latter type of rackets will tend to be more forgiving for a less advanced player.

Flexibility vs stiffness

A more flexible racket will alllow a player with a lighter touch to maintain control during play so we recommend that average/improver level players select a racket which has more ‘give’. Stiffer rackets are aimed at the more experienced and advanced player who has greater power and accuracy.


Badminton rackets usually weigh 85-100g. The lighter the racket, the less stable it will be. In general we advise less experienced players to choose heavier rackets ie 89g + as they will provide stability.


This will be a consideration. Expect to pay from £20-over £100 for a top of the range badminton racket.