Coach Network

The Racket Factory was founded by coaching professionals that have a passion for providing players, coaches, and clubs with quality products, at competitive prices. We want to fully support coaching professionals working in Tennis, Badminton & Squash - to achieve this we have developed our Coach Network.

Our Coach Network has been developed exclusively for qualified coaching professionals that want to receive discounted coaching kit alongside offering quality products to their players and customers.

All qualified and active tennis, badminton and squash coaches in the UK can access our Coach Network by getting in touch with us and setting up an account. Coaches benefit from:

  • 25% extra discount for your own kit requirements.
  • 10% discount on rackets, accessories, and shoes (excluding products already on discount), for resell to your customers.
  • 10% discount on coaching equipment
  • Special rates on balls and shuttles when booking more than 24+ doz per year (POA and based on volume)

Please note: discounts detailed above are off the listed website price and not the RRP. As the majority of products already have at least 15% off, that's an average discount off RRP of 25%! 

Key Facts

  • Coaches get a unique login to the online store where you can purchase products at the discounted rates. 
  • Purchase products directly from the online store to then resell to your customers at the listed price. Purchases can be delivered directly to you or to your customer, it's up to you!
  • Earn 10% commission for each sale. For example:
    • Wilson Pro Staff R97 Autograph - Store price £198, Coach price £178.20, Coach profit £19.80.
  • Coaches need to achieve an annual sales volume of £250 to continue benefitting from the discounts. Achievement of annual sales volume of over £2,500 results in a full sponsorship package. 

Key Benefits

    • Earn commission on all sales, providing a secondary income stream for your coaching business. 
    • Significant discounts for coaches own kit requirements. 
    • Coaches benefit from their own account specialist who provides direct support with orders, along with advice and guidance to help you boost sales. 
    • Coaches are able to offer their players an extra service, bringing added value to their coaching business. 
    • Regular mailings with special offers available only to Coaches.

    How to get involved?

    We currently offer a select number of Coach Network accounts. This is to ensure that we are fully committed to providing our coaches with an individualised service.

    Contact Ed Nieburg on 0800 888 6030 or email