Tecnifibre HDMX

Tecnifibre HDMX

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About this String

Type: Hybrid (Hybrid, Multifilament Polyfusion)

Colour: Yellow

The HDMX string is the string that provides a firm feel with maximum power, thanks to its choice of high-end materials. Tecnifibre, the leading brand in strings, is innovating by proposing a brand new version of the hybrid, which generally combines 2 strands of 2 different materials. This new technology combines 3 very complementary materials: Polyester for control and durability, Polyamide for power Polyurethane for comfort. This string brings all the benefits of the hybrid in 1 string to facilitate its implementation on the racket. The advanced player will benefit from the best mix of power and control, while maintaining a comfortable feel. Colour: neon yellow Main material: Polyamide, polyester and polyurethane, silicone finish Recommended weight: 22-25 kg Maximum tension: 32 kgs Rope made in France. Elastyl® fibres (34%): +12% elasticity compared to standard PA. Provides enormous elasticity for maximum power. Polyester Fibres (33%): Provides a firm feel, and durability. Thermostabyl® Fibres (33%): Generates a lot of control with very good tensile strength. PU HD: 100% elasticity to match the stiffness of the polyester. It will provide extra comfort. S.P.L Coating: Anti-abrasion coating for more resistance. It also guarantees good slipperiness to ensure the "snap back" which provides more lift. The only tri-component Multi: A firm feel, with power and very good tension holding.

Stringing Service

This product is a racket restringing service. The service includes string and labour costs, and you can add additional services (re-grips, stencil etc.) when adding this item to your cart. We've made it really easy - once you have purchased your restring, we'll send you a shipping box with a return label, and once we receive it in our workshop, your racket will be restrung and shipped back out within 24 hours!

If you have any questions or want to discuss the best stringing options for you, please get in touch with us!

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